Photography Team

Only the most experienced Photographers take the Photography for Cream Wedding Photography: our standards are high.

Wedding photographers canon camera

Cream Wedding Photographers have many years experience in this most difficult areas of photography. Our Photographers possess a high level of technical skills. They are excellent in the composition of photos and utilising a range of lighting scenarios.


taking family photos

Our photographers can take all disciplines and styles of photos and are equally competent in shooting both traditional formal photographs and shooting contemporary documentary style images. Our photographers have the necessary expertise in utilising both the natural available light in addition to their on camera flash system.



checking the image in the camera


Not only do our Team Photographers possess good technical skills that make a first class wedding photographer, importantly all have a confident and professional approach. They always dress smartly and have excellent communication skills that will impress your guests on your most important Wedding Day.

Customer Care

Twin sisters, Lucinda & Elizabeth together with Carolyn, their Mother, are the fabulous Customer Care Team who will ensure your Wedding Photography runs effortlessly.


With your Customer Care Team's in-depth knowledge of how Wedding Days happen in real time and their exceptionally friendly service you'll be able to relax and look forward to a smooth running Photography Service on you most Special day.

Carolyn Wimpenny is here to help plan your day

Elizabeth Clarke Customer Services Wedding Photography

Lucinda Steele at Cream Weding Photography


these were photographs of wedding rings

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